• MemoCIS (COST IC1401) was approved by the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO) on 14th May 2014, with the Action starting on the 10/12/2014 with an MC Kickoff Meeting.



  • A one-page plan on how to get industry involved in memristors can be found here


  • The details of which countries have subscribed to this Action can be found here


  • A complete participants list can be found here*


  • A list of participating organisations can be found here*


  • A list of industry collaborations can be found here*


  • A list of the Management Committee members and the minutes from MC meetings can be found here*


  • The Action's Progress Review at 24 months can be found here



*For access to the restricted material you must be a member of the COST Action. If you don't have a login and password yet, please contact Marios Sophocleous